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ProTecBar® is designed to match existing metal of a push bar in pliable plastic to cover unsightly abrasion and scratches as well as providing additional protection against similar issues. ProTecBar® extends from elbow nearest to opening of door covering the entire length of bar (elbow at end or by the hinges will not be covered). ProTecBar® is a pliable hi-rated UVA plastic single injection molding that is custom molded in a dye to the exact specifications of metal push bar. ProTecBar® can be installed by snapping the piece over the bar without tools or removal of bar. ProTecBar® can be made in any color to match the anodized metal surface. ProTecBar® is manufactured with Antimicrobial Agents to aid against the growth of microscopic and submicroscopic organisms. ProTecBar® is made of polypropylene copolymer and offers good cold temperature impact resistance.


Sciessent Corononavirus Whitepaper - Click Here to Download.

Agion Antimicrobial Efficacy Against Coronavirus is Tested and Published
The technology is deployed in the EU, Canada and United States in FDA cleared N95 respirator.